Los Angeles Dog Hiking

Los Angeles Dog Hiking

Los Angeles Dog Hiking

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The Best Dog Hikers In Los Angeles, CA

Living in Los Angeles, there are several benefits to hiring a professional dog hiking service. At Puparazzi LA we take our dogs on actual hikes adventuring through the coolest spots in Los Angeles. 

One of the primary advantages is that you can spend time away from your pups without worrying about whether they are happy.

A professional dog hiker can provide you with much peace of mind because they will be able to take your four-legged friend for a hike and a potty break. Most dogs enjoy getting a regular dose of exercise.

The good thing about professional dog hikers is that they don’t just give pups a daily hike. They also shower dogs with much love, attention, and stimulation. With so much love.

Similar to humans, animals need exercise to stay in shape. If dogs don’t get enough exercise, they could gain a lot of weight in a short.

At Puparazzi, we make taking care of your pups a priority. Our professional dog hiking services in Los Angeles are ideal for people that want the best for their pup.

Whether pups are young or old, we are committed to providing your pups with exceptional care by taking them for regular hikes on our dog hiking trips. During these lovely hikes, dogs can sniff the grass, take a potty break, obtain a healthy body, and get some fresh air with beautiful views. We can also ensure that your dog experiences some much-needed playtime.

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Our Dog Hiking Services in Los Angeles, CA

Dog Hiking Pawventures

  • Hikes: $45.00/dog*
  • Sign up is required as there is limited space in the van
  • Last Thursday of each month
  • All dogs must arrive at Puparazzi by 7:30am Van leaves by 8am
  • 2-3 hours hiking trip
  • Dog-friendly trails at Franklin Canyon Park
  • Dogs must wear harness and standard leash
  • 10% OFF same day Bath & Brush Spa services must be booked
    in advanced

*(no multi. dog discounts)

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