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Dog Daycare & Boarding in Marina del Rey, CA

Sometimes finding a perfect hotel for your dog is not easy. It doesn’t feel good to book a hotel only to be told that you can’t bring along your dog.

We all love our pets and traveling with them can be really fun.

You don’t have to worry anymore – Puparazzi’s Marina del Rey dog hotel services have got you covered.

Marina del Rey Dog Daycare

Stimulating Marina del Rey Dog Daycare

Marina del Rey dog daycare is also among the services we provide at Puparazzi. We know that if you had the chance, you would stay all day at home to play and have fun with your 4-legged friend.

However, you probably have to go to work or move around most of the time – making it impossible to always hang around your pet.

That’s the reason Puparazzi daycare offers a fun and playful environment for your puppy. We have a spacious and super clean environment that allows dogs to have fun all day. Your dog will definitely enjoy every moment in our hands.

At Puparazzi, we also have a schedule from morning to evening that’s meant to eliminate boredom from your dog. For instance, there are hours allocated for playtime with other pets as well as our dog lovers. Call us today for a great experience with various dog services.


Dog Daycare Cost – Single Dog Packages


Full Day

Half Day

Monthly Unlimited



30 Days



20 Days



10 Days



5 Days



There is a $15 charge for unaltered dogs up to six months.

Dog Daycare Cost – Single Dog

Dog Daycare Cost – Multi. Dogs

Luxe Marina del Rey Dog Hotel

At Puparazzi, we offer ample rooms where every dog has its own suite. It is one of the greatest experiences your pup can ever have. The dog hotel has different packages that you can always choose from depending on your budget. You don’t have to worry about how your dog is doing because each unit has a professional dog handler that ensures your dog is having a great time.

We also have other special services such as grooming/spa and hiking. Your dog won’t get bored because there is a time allocated for playing with other dogs within the hotel.

Upscale Marina del Rey Dog Boarding

Sometimes we want the best for our dogs but time and busy schedules won’t permit that. Do you want a place where you can take your dog and never have to worry? Well, Puparazzi’s Marina del Rey dog boarding is a great place you can hook up your dog with. We have a serene, fun and playful environment for all kinds of dogs.

We don’t just offer pet sitting services – this is what is usually the case with some dog boarding companies. Our goal is to ensure that your dog gets the best care they can have while you are away.

Our Marina del Rey dog boarding services are customized to allow dogs to have enough play and rest before you arrive. We have a team of professionals who are trained in different aspects of handling dogs.

The following are some of the benefits your dog will get at Puparazzi dog boarding:

  • Around the clock access to veterinary care
  • A 24-hour company by our team of dog lovers
  • Webcams to ensure close monitoring
  • Pampering of your pet with amenities such as spa treatments and turn-down service
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