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Puparazzi LA is a luxurious, wellness-focused, boutique dog resort and spa in Los Angeles. Our lavish cage-free suites, spacious play area, and à la carte enrichment activities and spa services are all designed with your pup’s ultimate comfort, relaxation, and well-being in mind. With a focused approach on health and safety, our advanced water and air filtration systems, soundproof walls, and puppy peek cams ensures that your precious pup will get star treatment in a caring and stress-free environment.

Puparazzi was established November 2019 in Los Angeles, California, as a boutique dog hotel, grooming, daycare, and walking facility, catering to discerning clients. A family owned and operated business, Puparazzi LA began from the family’s love of dogs and the demand for quality dog care in their neighborhoods.

From humble beginnings (a one-women dog walking operation) to a fully recognized pet resort and spa, Puparazzi hopes to become recognizable as the gold standard for local pet care in the community.

Puparazzi is located in West Los Angeles, California, just off the 405’s Santa Monica exit. Also areas we service Beverly Hills, Culver City, Hollywood, Marina del Rey, Santa Monica,Venice.

All services and offerings are designed to create a safe and stimulating environment for all of our canine guests catering to their specific personalities and needs.


Doggy Daycare: We offer full-day, half-day and hourly stays. We also offer walking, hiking, or cuddle time with a pet care attendant. 

Bed & Biscuit: Our spacious cage-free accommodations feature twin-sized beds, pillows, blankets, flat-screen TV’s, storage cabinets, fresh linens, and puppy peek cameras: 

  • Master Suites: Four spacious 60-square-foot suites all named after our favorite Hollywood stars. Each Master Suite can accommodate multiple dogs from a single household depending on the size of the dogs. 
  • Luxe Suites: Four 48-square-foot suites all named after some of our favorite musicians. Each Luxe Suite can accommodate multiple dogs from a single household depending on the size of the dogs. 
  • Premium Suites: Eight 36-square-foot suites all named after Hollywood actors. Each Premium Suite can accommodate up to 3 small/toy breed or 2 medium sized dogs from a single household depending on the size of the dogs.
  • Slumber Party: Evening group hang and cuddle session for more social guests. Daycare included. 

Walking: Walking, hiking and fun-filled day packages for more active dogs. 

Spa: From bathing, brushing and trimming to teeth brushing and ear cleaning, we offer many onsite a-la-carte options and dog grooming packages to make sure your pet always looks and feels like a star. 

Pick-up and Drop-off Service: Convenient options for busy professionals. 

Our Top Priorities:

  • Safety First — Safety and sanitation are at the forefront of every decision we make. From germicidal light and water filtration systems, to soundproof walls, safety gates, and non-toxic cleaning products. It’s our mission to provide a good experience for you and your pup without risk to their health, happiness and overall well-being. 
  • Details Matter — From flooring and light bulbs to bedding and doors, we are fiercely passionate about creating a luxurious, safe and sanitary environment for our guests. 
  • An Enriching Experience – We believe that mental and physical exercise is imperative for dogs to stay happy, healthy, and prevent boredom. That’s why we make sure to infuse mentally stimulating games and activities into our daily routines. 
  • The Wow Factor — Blow them away. We’re not here to provide standard services. We want to exceed your expectations throughout your entire experiences with us.