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Love & Care When You’re Not There!

Puparazzi provides customized day care, boarding, walks, cuddle time and a wide array of grooming and hair clipping and styling services. We are a boutique provider of dog services in the west side of Los Angeles near the I 405 and Santa Monica Blvd intersection. 

The safety, comfort and well-being of your pet is our top priority. We have extensive nontoxic cleaning protocols in place, we assure all dogs are vaccinated and up to date on their vaccines.  

We assure that all dogs are given outside time throughout the day for potty breaks and some sunshine.

We carefully monitor your pet while staying at Puparazzi and we provide live cameras so that you can also monitor the wellbeing of your dog. You will see the dogs rotate through different rooms and outside throughout the day. We keep them busy.

We provide an extensive daily report card on your pet including pictures, information on feeding, potty, health and play.

Try Puparazzi and see the difference!


Doggy Daycare

We offer full and ½ day care services seven days a week and 365 days a year.

Private Suites

We offer spacious accommodations with private suites that can be customized to your dog’s needs (bring your blankets, toys, anything your pup wants).  Again, 7 days a week/365 days a year with staff on site 24 hrs a day.

  • Master Suites: Four spacious 60-square-foot suites all named after our favorite Hollywood stars. Each Master Suite can accommodate multiple dogs from a single household depending on the size of the dogs. 
  • Luxe Suites: Four 48-square-foot suites all named after some of our favorite musicians. Each Luxe Suite can accommodate multiple dogs from a single household depending on the size of the dogs. 
  • Premium Suites: Eight 36-square-foot suites all named after Hollywood actors. Each Premium Suite can accommodate up to 3 small/toy breed or 2 medium sized dogs from a single household depending on the size of the dogs.
  • Junior Suites: Six 20-square-foot suites all names after our favorite celebrities. Each Junior suite can accommodate up to one dogs under 20lbs
  • Slumber Party: Evening group hang and cuddle session for more social guests. Dog of same size/temperament stay together.  

Slumber Party

We provide group boarding arrangements.   Each dog is assigned a space in the group yard to sleep on a cot. We also separate the large dogs from the smaller pups.   The Slumber yard is clean, and temperature controlled with fresh water and periodic potty breaks outside.

Spa, Grooming and Clipping

We provide an extensive selection of services including bath and brush, clipping, styling, teeth, ears, nails, anal glands and paw treatments.  We have a licensed and professional groomer on staff.

Walking and Snuggle Time

We provide customized walking to fit your dog’s needs in a quiet residential area.   We also provide customized 1/1 snuggle time for extra TLC.

Pick up and Drop off

Provided by staff based on availability.

Special events

We provide special seasonal events and holiday picture days and other events.   We send email notifications to our customers.


Please provide feedback via email, text or call us – we sincerely want to hear from dog owners and improve our service.

General Manager

Kirsten Carnegie-Churkin has been with Puparazzi For over two years.  Please contact Kirsten for any questions or feedback related to your pet.

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Lead Groomer

Gina Tanaka has been a licensed groomer for over seven years. If you have any questions or Special requests please reach out to Gina.

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