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Puparazzi is now providing dog grooming in Los Angeles! It’s always nice to be pampered. Everyone needs a little bit of care to look and feel their best, and your beloved pup is no exception. Your dog deserves to be groomed in the comfort and luxury you’d expect from a high-end dog spa. In Los Angeles, the best place to treat your dog to five-star service is Puparazzi.

What to Look For in a Dog Groomers in LA

It’s important to trust anyone you leave your pup with. You want to make sure the groomer you select is a skilled and caring professional. You can count on the spa at Puparazzi to treat the health and safety of your dog as a top priority.

Our Los Angeles Dog Groomers

Puparazzi uses top-quality in San Bernard Products and offers a wide range of grooming services for you to choose from. No matter what you select your pup will leave relaxed and smelling amazing.

Dog Grooming Packages & Pricing

Our team at Puparazzi LA have curated dog grooming packages for every pup. Whether your dog is a high maintenance diva or likes to smell good while staying low profile, we take pride in grooming every paw that walks through the door. View our wide variety of affordable dog grooming services below. 


Basic Option
Bath & Brush
A luxurious bath and brushing.
(S) 1-25 lbs: $40
(M) 26-50 lbs: $50
(L) 51-75 lbs: $60
(XL) 76-100 lbs: $70
(XXL) 101+ lbs: $80
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Full Cuts

All haircuts include teeth brushing, nail trim, anal expression, and ear cleaning. Special handling fee: $20. Cancellation/no show fee: 50% of booked service.


Single Coats
Double Coats
S (1-25 lbs.)



M (26-50 lbs.)





L (51-75 lbs.)



XL (76-100 lbs.)



XXL (101+ lbs.)



Standard Prices for Individual Items
  • Sanitary trim: +$20
  • Teeth Brushing: $15
  • Nail Trim: $15
  • Gland Expression: $15
  • Ear Cleaning: $15
  • Ear Plucking: $15
  • Nail Painting: $20
  • Paw Balm: $10
  • Facial: $10
  • De-matting: $25 (for 15 minutes)
  • Brush Out: $20 (for 15 minutes)
  • Flea Shampoo: $20 + Base price
  • Special Handling: $20
  • Cancellation/no show fee: 50% of booked service

Dog Grooming FAQs

How can I book my dog grooming appointment?

You can book an appointment with Puparazzi by filling out our new customer form or by giving us a call at 424-325-3151.

How much does dog grooming cost in LA?

Our luxury bath and brushings start at $30 for small dogs who weigh up to to 20 lbs with a maximum price of $60 for large dogs that weigh over 76lbs.Your price will increase as you add more services. For instance, you can add a sanitary trim to any service for an additional $15 dollars or an ear cleaning or for an additional $10.

You have the option to add deluxe hair and skin care products, such as the itch fighting Fruit of the Groomer Maschera,to your service at Puparazzi. We also offer packages that allow you to get several grooming services together at a discounted rate. You can check out available deluxe products and packages here.

How often should you groom your dog?

The American Kennel Club recommends adjusting how often yougroom your dog based on their coat length, coat type, and breed. It’s also important to consider how much your dog spends outdoors and what services you need from a groomer. This means that for some dogs grooming services might be needed monthly, while other dogs might only need to be groomed a few times a year. You can talk to your veterinarian or a professional groomer if you’re not sure how often your dog should be groomed.

How long does it take to groom a dog?

Most grooming sessions take between one and four hours. The exact length of time will depend on the services requested and on the size of your dog.

How can I calm my dog for grooming?

Grooming can sometimes be frightening and stressful for dogs. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to help your dog feel more comfortable. For example:

  • Choose a groomer service with a relaxing environment such as Puparazzi, Los Angeles.
  • Let your dog explore the space before their session begins Let your dog make friends with the groomer
  • Set up a training visit if you think your dog will be anxious
  • Bring your dog to the groomer after exercise or play so that they are tired and relaxed
  • Make sure your dog has their favorite blanket or toy in the car on the way to the groomer.
Why is it important to groom your dog?

Grooming your dog is one of your most important responsibilities as a pet owner. It’s not just about keeping your beloved dog looking good. Grooming is about health and hygiene. Groomers can spot ear infections, cysts, and skin conditions before they become serious issues.Your dog’s coat is equally important. Keeping your dog free of matted hair can help keep them free of fleas and ticks. Severe hair matting can even cut off blood circulation and lead to loss of limb.

Can you groom a pregnant dog?

Pregnant dogs can be groomed. In fact, removing excess hair can help make birth and nursing easier on the mother dog.The pregnant dog will need to be handled with great care. As they get closer to delivery, their stomachs will be incredibly sensitive and their mammary glands will become encouraged. A groomer will need to be gentle and careful when grooming them to not cause them pain or injure the milk ducts.The experienced professionals at Paparazzi are trained to handle this and other special situations.

Can you get a dog used to grooming?

One of the best ways to get dogs used to grooming is to keep them consistent. Using the same grooming service, such as Paparazzi, regularly can help your dog feel relaxed and comfortable. Your dog will be coming to a familiar place and will be cared for by people they trust. This can help make your dog feel more relaxed with each grooming session. This is also a great way to add additional needed services over time. You can start with a simple bath and trim and help your work up to a more complex treatment to address specific conditions.

How does Puparazzi LA approach grooming?

Puparazzi is dedicated to making your dog look and feel their best.We offer a wide range of grooming services. Your dog can have a quick bath and trim, full dematting treatment, a facial, or even an ozone massage treatment to promote skin healing.No matter what services you select, they’ll be personalized to your dog. We offer breed style cuts to suit your dog. We have products and experience that will help if your dog has any skin concerns such as hives, eczema, or hair loss. We offer a variety of healthy and beneficial products from v San Bernard Products to address specific skin and coat and needs. Plus, we do all this in our beautiful Los Angeles Resort and Spa, designed with your dog’s comfort in mind.

Los Angeles Dog Grooming Testimonials

This is the first time we’ve taken Pumpkin here for grooming. Social distancing, masks & call from vehicle upon arrival required during this time. Groomer came out to meet us. Acquainted herself with Pumpkin. Very professional. Was called about 2 hours later to pick her up. Pumpkin was happy & looked wonderful. Thank you.

Linda K / Google

Our puppy LOVES going to daycare at Puparazzi.He always comes home happy and tired from playing.The staff is great with him and the report cards let me know how his day was and include pictures.He recently spent a full week there while we were out of town and I was very satisfied with how he was cared for.Definitely recommend using the grooming service after an overnight; even after daycare he smells like he’s had fun all day.Prices are very reasonable and the staff has always been very responsive.

Emily R / Google

Puparazzi was awesome! I was in search for a grooming place who would just focus on my fur babies fur rather than cuts and I’m so glad I found them! I love my fur babies being fluffy and that’s exactly how they came when i picked them up! Very great prices, and i love how they send you a report card to review how your pup was doing. I had found them yesterday right away booked within minutes and had my appointment the very next day! I am very pleased and can’t wait till their next spa day!!

Arlene C / Google