Los Angeles Dog Boarding

Los Angeles Dog Boarding

Los Angeles Dog Boarding

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Los Angeles Dog Boarding

All overnight dog boarding reservations must be made through our staff via phone or email.

Puparazzi LA is a Los Angeles dog boarding facility that prides itself on providing the highest quality service for your pup.  Our dog boarding resort offers a variety of services for your dog(s) such as: a dog boarding, dog daycare and dog hiking for your pup(s). 

We are always happy to provide other services as needed. Our caring staff at Puparazzi is always willing to go the extra mile for all clients and make sure your pets are always safe and happy! At our dog hotel in Los Angeles, we offer several packages to make sure your furbabies are comfortable and relaxed, while you are away. We also have a pup cam system that’s live streaming so you can check in anytime.

You are able to board your furbabies full-time, half-day and even by the hour, to better fit your hectic schedule. We provide affordable dog daycare services. Our staff understands the importance of interaction and socialization of doggie daycare. We can also provide special attention for individual play sessions.

Dog boarding activities for your pup(s):

The Best Dog Boarding in Los Angeles

Our facility sets the bar for the best Los Angeles dog boarding staff and facility! When you have to go away, you want your dog in an environment that is caring, fun, and comfortable for them and all their needs.  Especially for puppies and dogs. Dog hotels in general can cause dogs to be extra anxious and stressed and you as their pet parent.

Puparazzi staff is here to serve you and your dog(s) so they are at ease and in good spirits when they stay with us. We pride ourselves on being the best Los Angles Dog boarding center because of our caring and awesome staff!

Our Staff at Puparazzi is:

We know you want only the best for your dog(s).  Just know we are here to make sure they can be on vacation at our pet resort while you are away.

We provide at our dog boarding facility:

We know we are the best and want you to always choose us when you leave town and cannot take your pup!

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Our Services

We offer different dog boarding suites, based on your dog(s) size and temperament we can find the right space for them.  Suites are: Master, Luxe, Premium, Junior and Slumber Party! Pet parents can view our pup cameras during store hours, for peace of mind. Our private suites also have 24/7 camera access!

Master Suites Available

Premium Suites Available

Junior Suites Available

Luxe Suites Available

If your dog(s) love socialization time at bedtime, we have a Dog Hotel Slumber Party option. This is perfect for those pups who love to be playful and want other companions around them while they are at Puparazzi! 

Cage Free Dog Boarding Suites


Cage Free Dog Boarding Suites

At our dog hotel, we have cage free dog boarding suites. Your pup(s) will get their own area, a comfortable bed, food, treats, water bowls, toys and anything else other items from home to make them feel comfortable!  We know it’s not home but we sure try our hardest to make it as puppily possible! 

We also have dog spa options at our dog boarding facility in Los Angeles and want to make our guests feel and look pawsome! Our staff always gives every pup a 5-star treatment because we want every pup to be excited and happy to stay with us, anytime you need them to.


Dog Boarding Reviews 

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Natalie Nelson

Absolutely thrilled to have found Puparazzi!We were searching for a place we felt comfortable having our goldendoodle stay while...

Julie Hosker

Pupparazzi is amazing! This was my first time for my dog doing overnight boarding and I was very nervous for her to be in a new environment.

Mimi Gran

I would highly recommend this place to everybody who would love to have their dogs to be well taken cared of. The place is very clean sanitized...

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