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Whether your dog needs a quick trim, a fresh new look, or a dematting treatment, our experienced bathers will have your dog looking and feeling great in no time. Puparazzi provides a range of pooch pampering services from quick trims, breed style cuts, full clipping/shearing, dematting, shed control brush outs to blueberry facials, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, gland expressions, nail trims, and paw balms. We bathe the dogs in a variety of shampoos and make recommendations depending on the dog’s fur and skin needs. We are proud to feature Iv San Bernard Products to ensure the pets leaving our spa not only look and smell better, but also are in better health. Our Shampoo & Conditioner treatments range from Shed Control, Whitening, Blackening, Oatmeal Bath, Mineral Bath, Odor Control, Coat Specific, Senior Formula, De-Skunking and Flea & Tick. We selected the products used at Puparazzi to ensure that every dog that comes to our grooming spa looks and feels better when they leave. If your dog has eczema, hives, a greasy/oil coat, hair loss or hot spots, we have a product that can help. Even if your dog does not have a skin or coat issue, your dog will always receive a high quality bath that will leave them clean and smelling fresh.


Bath & Brush     

  • 1-20 lbs: $30.00
  • 21-50 lbs: $40.00
  • 51-75 lbs: $50.00
  • 76+ lbs: $60.00 +


Sanitary Trim+ $15.00                                                                                             

Paw Balm: $5.00


Nail Trim$ 10.00                                                                                                         

De-matting: $15.00/15 minutes


Ear Cleaning: $10.00                                                                                                 

Shed Less Brush Out: $15.00/15 minutes


Teeth Brushing: $10.00                                                                                             

Gland Expression: $10.00


Face Mask: $10.00

Deluxe Hair and Skin Treatments+ $15.00                                                   

  • Shed Control
  • Hair Loss
  • Color Correcting 
  • Whitening
  • Removing stains
  • Removing brassy color from dark coats
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Odor Control
  • Mineral Bath 
  • Helps with eczema, hives, grease and hot spots

Ozone Treatment


Short Hair

Long Hair

1-20 lbs

$ 59.00

$ 64.00

21- 50 lbs

$ 69.00

$ 74.00

51- 75 lbs

$ 79.00

$ 84.00

76 + lbs

$ 89.00

$ 94.00


  • Our Hydro-Massage Ozone Machine safely and effectively generate ozone (O3) while your dog is enjoying their skin therapy treatment.
  • Oxidizes all bacteria, harmful organic material, viruses and mold and yeast spores
  • Significantly speeds up healing of any and old abrasions
  • Ozone Treatments help with:
    • Allergic reactions to

      • Dermatitis flea-allergy
      • Dermatitis food-allergy
      • Atopic dermatitis
    • Fungus

      • Dermatophytosis
      • Dermatomycosis Malassezia dermatitis
      • Candidiasis
    • Seborrhea

      • Moist seborrhea
      • Dry seborrhea
    • Leishmaniasis

      • For skin and coat nourishment
      • A force and barrier against external agents
    • Alopecia

      • Trauma
      • Surgical shavings
      • Follicular atrophy
      • Adenitis of sebaceous glands
      • Alopecia of color dilution skin hydration
    • Itching

      • To combat proliferation of bacteria and Malassezia that cause itching
    • Wounds

      • Prevents or treats infection
      • Encourages healing
    • Soothes arthritic joints

    • Orthopedic joints

    • Post-surgery- following healed incisions